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Burpee Family Chiropractic

 197 Loudon Road, Suite 205
Concord NH 03301

A Hands on Approach to Healing

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I have been going to Dr. Sue Burpee for several years now and always feel better after my appt. I have neck and shoulder issues and sometimes get headaches from this and seeing Dr. Burpee always lessens my aches and pains. My kids who are 13 and 15 have also been to see her on occasions when they have had back and knee pain from sports or normal activities and they always feel better after. My oldest had an issue with his shoulders not looking even and when I took him to see her for an adjustment, she suggested that I take him to his doctor for an x-ray to rule out scoliosis which I did and she was right on. He is ok, but it would have gone unnoticed for much longer if she hadn't suggested we do that. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about. The best thing about seeing Dr. Burpee is that she does NOT require you to make an appointment. You can go in anytime during office hours and she gets everyone taken care of. I know what I need to go, I don't want to make an appointment and have to wait several days to be seen. I want to go when I need to go and feel better that day!
5_star.png                                                                         -Carole A.

"I have gone to see Dr. Susan Burpee for just a few visits now and am very impressed by her knowledge and ability to help me. She is very friendly and easy going and I look forward each week to seeing her and having her adjust me. She has changed my life for the better. Thank you Dr. Burpee!!!"
- Linda L.
"I have been seeing Dr. Burpee for over a year, and have been very pleased with the treatments. I went to her the first time following an injury to my shoulder. My back went into spasm, and by the time she saw me, I could barely walk. She gave me an adjustment, and after weeks of pain, I was pain free. I have been seeing her ever since then. I never would have attributed my hip pain to my back. A few visits ago, I complained about my sinuses. She treated them, and told me how to do self care @ home. I went in just today (no appointment necessary), I had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago and she checked my shoulder, gave me an adjustment, and I left with out any hip pain. Marvelous. I have finally convinced my husband to go see her! He see's how much improved I am after a visit to her. Always smiling and very knowledgeable. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the "table". No twisting me up in knots! "
- Rita B.
"“We (as a family) have been visiting Dr. Burpee since July 2008. We are very pleased with our care. I have multiple sclerosis and periodically experience relapses which affect my balance and use of my arms and hands—not to mention the fatigue. With regular chiropractic adjustments, I notice that I have improved flexibility (use of my hands), improved balance and more energy during the day. In addition, I sleep more deeply at night following an adjustment. I appreciate Dr. B’s warm and patient clinical approach—she always takes her time with me and I never feel rushed or hurried through my appointment. I routinely recommend Dr. Burpee to friends and colleagues and the feedback I receive following their treatment is positive and very appreciative indeed. “ "
- Karen M.
"I have been seeing Dr. Susan Burpee for approximately two years. I find her to be a compassionate, extremely capable chiropractor! She uses the latest techniques and always explains what she is doing and why. I do a great deal of travel by car for my work, and Dr. Burpee quickly relieves the stress built up in my neck and shoulders. Without her care, I would have unmanageable headaches! I have recommended family and friends to see Dr. Burpee and everyone I have recommended has been pleased with her care."
- Ginny F.
"After many years at another chiropractor, a friend of mine told me about Dr Susan. I needed relief for my neck and shoulders and hopefully I would have less headaches. Since I have gone to Dr. Susan I have seen the relief I was looking for. Not having to make an appointment is great. You want to go when you need to and not have to wait several days for an appointment. I have recommended Dr. Susan to several of my friends. "
- Karen P.
""I became a patient of Dr. Susan Burpee approximately 2 years ago. I am in my 50's and have a history of back trouble. Muscle spasms that became so severe that in many cases a trip to the ER, often by ambulance, for intravenous pain meds and muscle relaxers, followed by many days of laying in bed recovering. NOT fun, and very expensive, co-pays, missed time working, etc. Now, under Dr. Burpee's care, I avoid that. Periodic visits, when I feel a twinge coming on and I am good to go! Her walk-in policy is great, I go at my convenience and have never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. She is always cheerful, very knowledgeable, and willing to take time to answer all my questions in a way that I can understand them. For me, it's a win-win, heal faster, spend less money, and support a local business!" "
- John F.
"I have been a patient of Dr Susan Burpee for over 1 Yr now. I relocated back to Concord NH and am so fortunate to have found her. I work for the Government and have to cope with chronic neck and back pain as well as sciatica and numbness in my hands. I recall one visit to Dr Susan with tremendous pain in my left hand. She informed me it was a pinched nerve and with one quick adjustment the pain was gone. I was amazed with her understanding and skill. I have had incredible results with her adjustments and is highly recommended by me. She is a true ray of light and a joy to have found. "
- Bev C.
"I have been a patient of Dr. Burpee's for over 4 years now. I first started going for chiropractic adjustments for headaches and back pain. After being adjusted, I would feel so much better and would sleep great at night. I now see Dr. Burpee on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks) and have found I feel much better. I have not had a cold or the flu since being adjusted regularly (and I was prone to get at least two colds during the winter months.) I also love that I do not have to make an appointment and can pop in to get an adjustment when my schedule allows! Dr. Burpee is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Burpee for your chiropractic needs!"
- Kathy L.

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